Mission Statement  

JHS Purpose Statement

To educate students for a successful future



Impacting Students To Impact Our World


Jacksonville High School will prepare students to be globally competitive and responsible citizens in the 21st century.


JHS-1: Jacksonville High School students will be globally competitive through the mastery of a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

JHS-2: Jacksonville High School and students will be led by creative, passionate, and technologically skilled professionals.

JHS-3: Jacksonville High School students will learn in a safe environment to be civil, healthy, and productive citizens.

JHS-4: Leadership will foster innovation at Jacksonville High School in cooperation with families and community partners.

JHS-5: Jacksonville High School will be supported by effective and efficient systems.

  About The School  

About Us

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Jacksonville High School is one of thirty-five public schools in Onslow County and one of seven high schools.  We are the largest traditional comprehensive high school that is on block scheduling in Onslow County.  Block scheduling affords our students the opportunity to earn eight credits per year, or thirty-two credits during their high school careers.

We are located on the coast of North Carolina approximately thirty minutes from the beach and New River Air Station.  The staff at Jacksonville High School is highly committed to making sure all students have equal opportunities for learning the necessary skills and curriculum.  Jacksonville High School students are challenged in their learning and are held accountable for becoming successful, productive citizens in the learning environment and in society.

The student population is currently listed at 1,293 students but this constantly fluctuates due to Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base located nearby.  Our student body consists of 668 males and 625 females.  Ethnically, Jacksonville High School mirrors the city with 50% white students and 50% minority students.  Mobility can impact classroom planning and student performance when students leave and are replaced by other students whose needs must be assessed.