JHS Fall Newsletter 2014

 OCS Platform in Action:  Students Participate in Collaborative Poetry Activity

Mrs. Cook's 4th period English II Honors students and Mrs. Watson's 4th grade AIG students from Northwoods Elementary having been working on a collaborative poetry project for the past 6 weeks.  Students in both classes created a detailed picture that portrayed a theme and mood.  The classes then exchanged pictures.  Tenth grade students developed a poem based upon a 4th grade student's picture and 4th grade students developed a picture based upon a 10th grade student's picture.  The poem had to incorporate figurative language such as simile, metaphor, and imagery.  Classes then exchanged poems and each set of students read and evaluated the poem that had been written about his/her picture.  The project culminated in a video chat between the two classes using the Onslow View technology.  Students introduced themselves and provided detailed feedback on the poem that was written regarding their picture.  


Collaborative Poetry using OnslowView
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•  3A State Championship-Practice Round  (Girls Golf)
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7/21/2014 to 6/10/2015
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